I Never Thought I’d Be Attending Cowboy Action Shooting School

Cowboy Action Shooting School

I never thought I’d wind up doing something like attending a cowboy action shooting school. I’m from back East, where I met my husband while we were in college. I’ve always been a liberal, love-nature type, and so it was easy to fall for a kid from rural Oregon and get married.

I was ecstatic when he wanted to move back out West. I’d visited Colorado a lot and wanted to move there, so happily followed him. What shocked me was that he turned into a gun collector. I didn’t mind or object, I was just surprised.

One weekend afternoon he came home from the range and was excited about this new sport someone had introduced to him: cowboy action shooting, like you see in the movies. Apparently it’s actually a competitive sport and growing in popularity.

I was happy he was happy, but figured it was a phase that would pass. Two months later, he’s out at the range every Saturday, so I had to go try it at least once. I fell in love with it too. The demanding movements, hand-eye coordination, and excitement of popping off targets so rapidly was quite a rush.

It didn’t take long for my husband and I to become competitive with each other, and we’ve wowed a few crowds with our marital rivalry in competitions. We’ve even made the local news and launched a series of online videos about our competition with one another.

We still both practice and train at the same cowboy action shooting school, but we’re usually on opposite ends of the range or gallery so we don’t see how well (or badly) the other is doing. It makes the actual competitions a nice surprise for everyone gathered to see.

The Importance of Facebook Likes for Your Business

Likes for Your Business

Facebook paved the way not just for people personally, but for businesses, property creators and entrepreneurs alike. It is the epitome’ of ways that a business, person, or entity can engage with their audience, friends, family, and potential clients & customers.

Now with advancement- Facebook has taken marketing your business and sharing it with the world indefinitely to new heights!

So are Facebook Likes THAT important to a business?

From its establishment as a major social presence online, Facebook has always had the Like button system. This system was placed for good reason- to easily, simply react and like someone’s post, image, video, or page.

All it really takes is a simple click, or a comment- and an average – or very new business page can be exposed as it works web-like to generate likes and notifications through social shares on the page or specific media/post.

Before you know it, people are interacting, sharing, and engaging- and one simple share has immediately reached proportions of 100-300 and even more people online.

This is why it can be so beneficial and important for your business expansion, exposure, and growth.

Likes on Facebook DO significantly impact reach, but they also serve a higher purpose for you.

They build your credibility on the online community, and can even garner new customers and excess revenue that you would not assume you would acquire.

In its most primitive form, Facebook Likes help a business on their page, group, and personally to gather and audience and appeal to others that way it creates a vast following. What you share, how often you share, and your efforts will definitely have a severe impact on your success.

NOTE: if you have issues gaining Facebook likes by your manual efforts there are experts that can help you for a VERY inexpensive price!

Facebook Likes for Your Business: Bottom Line

It is also has been proven and clearly demonstrated  in clinical social research that garnering more Facebook likes has a significant impact on a company and the traffic and notoriety that they achieve from publicly using Facebook as a marketing asset.

How to Acquire More Likes on Facebook?

Acquire More Likes on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media nowadays. With over 1 billion active users, it is a sure way to promote your business in an easier yet effective way. However, you must increase the number of your likes as this creates awareness of your business to other people.

How? By following any of this method.

1. Facebook PPC

If you can see the “Promote with an Ad” on your page, you can create and customize your ad depending on your budget and there are three types of ads to choose from: Sponsored Stories – Page Post Like Story, Sponsored Stories – Page Like Story and Facebook Ad. One tip to remember: Make sure that your page content is inviting and will show why people should buy your product, or at least like your page.

2. Be Sociable

Visit fan pages that are in the similar niche of your business and post comments that are relevant and informative. Engage in other people by commenting on thread and adding any specific name. This can generate curiosity and will drive them to check your Facebook page and may probably “Like” it in case they find your page appealing.

3. Create Twitter Invitation

If you’re a Twitter user, then you can simply tweet an invitation like “Like my Facebook page (Fan Page Address here) and see what awaits you!”

4. Incorporate Facebook URL on your Blog and/or Email

This is the easiest action to gain more likes however, most people tend to overlook your Facebook URL, therefore, make sure that it is noticeable.

5. Buy Facebook Likes

Buying likes are one of the quickest and simplest way to gain more likes. This is especially recommended to those who have just created their page. Of course, you do not have many likers and gaining it takes time. Thus, if you want a quick solution, then you should consider this.

Why Likes on Facebook are Important for Businesses

Facebook are Important for Businesses

The entirety of the Facebook platform is important to any business. In fact, startups choose to establish their business on Facebook first rather than on land since it is easier and more affordable to create a business in this social media site than in other venues. The individual elements of Facebook also has impact on a business such as the likes and shares that a post and a business page gets. Thus, in running a business on Facebook, it is important to also focus on the specific aspects and elements of this social media network.

The Importance of Likes on Facebook

Likes on Facebook are a way to improve your business visibility. When a Facebook user likes your page or post, it will show on his or her newsfeed. His Facebook friends will be able to see it (as long as you have set the privacy settings of your post to Public). As a result, this becomes a way for other users to see that you have a business on Facebook and that they can reach you in case they are interested in the products and services that you offer.

The likes are also a manner of building customer relationships. The type on interaction that a like generates may be minimal but this is a signal of a client relationship building. Likes are indicators of customer interest in what you are posting about or what your business is about.

Facebook likes increase the chances of your business page and content reaching customers across far distances and may even become viral. This type of social signal that you generate on Facebook will help your content to be exposed in a huge number of newsfeeds. For example, 1000 people liked your Facebook page. If you post a status containing an announcement, it will be shown in 1000 newsfeeds, and that is already some exposure to start with.