How to Acquire More Likes on Facebook?

Acquire More Likes on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media nowadays. With over 1 billion active users, it is a sure way to promote your business in an easier yet effective way. However, you must increase the number of your likes as this creates awareness of your business to other people.

How? By following any of this method.

1. Facebook PPC

If you can see the “Promote with an Ad” on your page, you can create and customize your ad depending on your budget and there are three types of ads to choose from: Sponsored Stories – Page Post Like Story, Sponsored Stories – Page Like Story and Facebook Ad. One tip to remember: Make sure that your page content is inviting and will show why people should buy your product, or at least like your page.

2. Be Sociable

Visit fan pages that are in the similar niche of your business and post comments that are relevant and informative. Engage in other people by commenting on thread and adding any specific name. This can generate curiosity and will drive them to check your Facebook page and may probably “Like” it in case they find your page appealing.

3. Create Twitter Invitation

If you’re a Twitter user, then you can simply tweet an invitation like “Like my Facebook page (Fan Page Address here) and see what awaits you!”

4. Incorporate Facebook URL on your Blog and/or Email

This is the easiest action to gain more likes however, most people tend to overlook your Facebook URL, therefore, make sure that it is noticeable.

5. Buy Facebook Likes

Buying likes are one of the quickest and simplest way to gain more likes. This is especially recommended to those who have just created their page. Of course, you do not have many likers and gaining it takes time. Thus, if you want a quick solution, then you should consider this.

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