I Never Thought I’d Be Attending Cowboy Action Shooting School

Cowboy Action Shooting School

I never thought I’d wind up doing something like attending a cowboy action shooting school. I’m from back East, where I met my husband while we were in college. I’ve always been a liberal, love-nature type, and so it was easy to fall for a kid from rural Oregon and get married.

I was ecstatic when he wanted to move back out West. I’d visited Colorado a lot and wanted to move there, so happily followed him. What shocked me was that he turned into a gun collector. I didn’t mind or object, I was just surprised.

One weekend afternoon he came home from the range and was excited about this new sport someone had introduced to him: cowboy action shooting, like you see in the movies. Apparently it’s actually a competitive sport and growing in popularity.

I was happy he was happy, but figured it was a phase that would pass. Two months later, he’s out at the range every Saturday, so I had to go try it at least once. I fell in love with it too. The demanding movements, hand-eye coordination, and excitement of popping off targets so rapidly was quite a rush.

It didn’t take long for my husband and I to become competitive with each other, and we’ve wowed a few crowds with our marital rivalry in competitions. We’ve even made the local news and launched a series of online videos about our competition with one another.

We still both practice and train at the same cowboy action shooting school, but we’re usually on opposite ends of the range or gallery so we don’t see how well (or badly) the other is doing. It makes the actual competitions a nice surprise for everyone gathered to see.

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