Why Likes on Facebook are Important for Businesses

Facebook are Important for Businesses

The entirety of the Facebook platform is important to any business. In fact, startups choose to establish their business on Facebook first rather than on land since it is easier and more affordable to create a business in this social media site than in other venues. The individual elements of Facebook also has impact on a business such as the likes and shares that a post and a business page gets. Thus, in running a business on Facebook, it is important to also focus on the specific aspects and elements of this social media network.

The Importance of Likes on Facebook

Likes on Facebook are a way to improve your business visibility. When a Facebook user likes your page or post, it will show on his or her newsfeed. His Facebook friends will be able to see it (as long as you have set the privacy settings of your post to Public). As a result, this becomes a way for other users to see that you have a business on Facebook and that they can reach you in case they are interested in the products and services that you offer.

The likes are also a manner of building customer relationships. The type on interaction that a like generates may be minimal but this is a signal of a client relationship building. Likes are indicators of customer interest in what you are posting about or what your business is about.

Facebook likes increase the chances of your business page and content reaching customers across far distances and may even become viral. This type of social signal that you generate on Facebook will help your content to be exposed in a huge number of newsfeeds. For example, 1000 people liked your Facebook page. If you post a status containing an announcement, it will be shown in 1000 newsfeeds, and that is already some exposure to start with.

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